Thursday, 4 September 2008

We've moved fields!

Yesterday we moved them to the first of the hayfields, which is only grazed a few months a year and has lovely grass as a result. It wasn't quite so easy this time as normally either the brood mares are in with them and know the ropes, or an older mare leads the entire lot at a gallop to wherever I stand shouting. The old mare is no longer, and the mares are in another part of the farm, so it took a while for the geldings to realise my cry meant fresh grass.
After a false start they all came up from the deer park where most had been lying down, trotted through the smaller pen and galloped to where my husband was also shouting where they had to negotiate a tight right hand turn as the contractor was busy spraying that field and we didn't want them in there.
It was a sight to see, every single one did a handbrake turn, spun right handed and flew off into the new grazing bucking and leaping for joy..
The following pics are this morning when we drove up to check them.
I hope you enjoy them, I reckon they look pretty contented with their lot don't you? Sue
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