Friday, 19 September 2008

Some incredibly sad news.

This lovely home bred horse Hero had to be euthanised two days ago.
He was by a now gelded ID stallion called Silver Bertie out of Genevieve one of our brood mares.
Hero was a lovely chap, willing, sane and friendly, and we sold him aged four to a smashing lady who adored him.
Last I heard she had been enjoying gallops along Studland beach...

Apparently he got a severe eye infection that didn't respond to treatment and ulcerated his corneas. he was suffering a lot so the decision was made to end his misery.
We can't believe he has gone, but at least in his short life he knew nothing but kindness, he grew up here in a natural way and then went to someone who treated him superbly, but how sad to die so very young..
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