Saturday, 31 January 2009

Meet Daisy

This is the latest addition to the Narramore herd.
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This is our new broodmare, she has evented successfully and bred one nice foal.
She's 16.2 hh, 12 years by Cruising.
She appears to have settled in really happily, and is the sweetest natured mare.
we can't wait to have some foals from her.
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Sunday, 11 January 2009

Not horsy but...

Sunset over Goodyear Airport...
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My sons' get around a lot between them

This was taken early one morning at Goodyear Airport during my son's flight training. Hard to believe the beauty in a plane's wing!
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Chris enjoying his holiday in Slovakia,

One of the benefits of working there is the fabulous scenery.
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Chris in Zuberec Slovakia

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Friday, 9 January 2009


Poor Rene, he's been picked up, put down etc as whenever time got short he got turned away, but now is in work ready to sell. He is a smashing little horse who will get a low clip next week and after he has started popping a few fences will be advertised for sale.
This is after very little work, he's naturally well balanced and very forward going as you can see. (also very sweaty!)
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Rene canter.

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What not to do to your woodburner...

Pile it with enormous pieces of coal and wander off forgetting to turn it down..
I think I may have bent the new baffle plate..oops!
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Jacques and Jasper

The gelding on the left 's dam is by the sire of the one on the related but don't ask me how!
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Early days

This is Jasper who is four and has been ridden a few weeks, he's growing like a weed and will look better with more weight and muscle.
P has started riding him and seems to be enjoying him, he's incedibly laid back and nothing appears to scare him.
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