Wednesday, 24 June 2009

Absolutely delighted to recieve this pic earlier

This is Venue, a three year old by Harpers Bornival ex an ID x TB mare.
She was exquisite as a foal, and has grown into a lovely type of horse, the owner assures me her temperament is second to none and she can't wait to start riding her.
I love getting updates from people who have bought our homebreds, it makes breeding them so worthwhile..
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Tuesday, 23 June 2009

Still at the chewing stage, probably tastes horrible!

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William with his sire in the background.

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For those who remember, this chap got joint ill and ecoli125 as a foal, and very nearly died. His vet's bill stood us at £3400, so it's a good job he's making up into a lovely sort.
He's two now, not cut yet and still a bit bum high, but is aimed at an eventing career, he floats like his Dad paces-wise and has the most effortless enormous jump when loose schooled.
C wanted to take him to the Futurity but I don't think it's a good idea until they sort it out, if the new rule comes in stock like him will not be able to enter within a couple of years anyway, how can they say this isn't a horse worth grading?
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Sunday, 21 June 2009

Chocolate at Bicton ODE June 2009.

He loves his jumping! Just look at that expression on his face...
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SJ at Bicton ODE June 2009

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Harpers Bornival Bicton ODE June 2009.

Caroline had entered Zenester her young mare into a local ODE at Bicton, it's run over their newly built course but when she walked it yesterday she decided it was too much too soon for a horse that had only gone XC once. There were drops into water, tight turns etc , so she withdrew and asked if the could enter Chocolate in the Open Class instead.
So this morning they set off for an unexpected competition.
It was horribly hot but he did a lovely test for a 30, and went straight into the lead.
The SJ was causing lots of problems, and C put him totally wrong into the planks, he made a valient effort but was just too far off to clear them, he then panicked a bit thinking he had been naughty touching a jump, and had the back pole off the next fence too.
She set off XC round a pretty testing course, it was between 3' 3" and 3' 6" and is intended to be the BE course for their proper event, all newly built beautifully constructed fences but some difficult steps and a roll top into the water etc, so a fair test for an Open Class.
Chocolate loved it, as you can see from the pics, in the first pic above he had just cleared the fence behind into one fo the water complexes, and found nothing troubled him on the course.
Despite the two fences SJ they were clear winners, so a good day out if unplanned.
She will take Zenester to a lower key event, she is such a bold mare it would be a shame to frighten her, and I think Chocx enjoyed his day out. He was much admired and it never does any harm to win locally, it all helps sell your youngstock.
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Friday, 19 June 2009

Milo is just so cute..

But I need to get topping those thistles, they are huge this year!
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Not amused at his sleep being disturbed!
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Prince was abandoned by his ladyfriend because the horseflies were awful this afternoon, I am going to have to use Spot On again to give them some relief. Wisely she went inside the barn where they stay out.
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Callisto aged three

In the background Leo last year's foal . Tom as he is known will start being handled soon and brought in from the main herd to begin lunging. It's not going to be easy, he and his brother Oberon seem joined at the hip.. Luckily the Deer Park fence is 8 feet high and not easy to escape from, so Obie will just have to be upset..
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Three Chocolate youngsters.

These are some I would have considered entering for the Futurity had the organisers not been so self important re the whole event. They refuse to say who the evaluators are, refuse to give prize money etc but expect entry fees of £50 a horse!
No, I'll keep on breeding nice horses who people enjoy owning, I don't need a load of so called "experts" to tell me if they are any good, the proof is when people contact you to buy another one after their first purchase...Far better than a certificate saying they "might" have potential!
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Galaxy a three year old by Chocolate

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Can't decide

Whether to sell him or not, I like him my daughter and husband prefer the other two.. By My O My he is bold as brass and going to make 16.2 hh at least. (end up grey I think)
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Milo (My O Silver)

It's impossible to get through his feild without being investigated, this was taken from the car before we made a swift exit..
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Thursday, 18 June 2009

Harpers Bornival during his first attempt at a Novice.

Chocx and Caroline competed in the Novice class at West Wilts yesterday, it's a long way from here but the course has a good reputation of being fair but technical.
As you can see the course wasn't any problem for him, he isn't too keen on skinnies but has learned he has to jump them regardless.
His dressage score was 30.5, a fair mark according to his rider, he then jumped a clear round SJ, and started the XC knowing they had to go fast and clear for a place as the competition in that class was stiff.
He didn't seem phased by the bigger fences and finished clear but with 4 time penalties, most others in that section also had them, but C was worried about going too fast and getting in trouble!
They finished a very creditable 7th place, which is what we try to aim for, being constistantly in the placings proving you aren't overfacing the horse or rider. (plus the family aim is always to win, so we don't compete unless we feel we have a real chance of doing that!)
Now the aim is to get round a few more Novices in similar fashion but higher places...
Jack (Final Matinee) had his legs scanned yesterday, he was a little unsound after his last event and we felt it was sensible to ensure there were no hidden hot spots, the vet assured us he was perfect, and it was reassuring to hear from the back man in the afternoon that he had found some tightness in his shoulders, possibly caused when he whacked a XC fence , that was likely to have been the cause.
Once upon a time I would have scoffed at being so meticulous re an injury, but when eventing costs so much it makes sense to try and keep a horse in tip top condition, now we can resume his fittening knowing he should be ok.
He and Chocolate compete at Stonar next.
I was looking at our three year olds yesterday and have to say they are stunning..
Callisto is likely to stay as my husband's horse, he looks rather like Jezebel his full sister who we lost last year, but taller and slightly classier . Galaxy and Oberon really do look super, and if not sold before autumn will start being backed and ridded out, I was amazed how much taller all of the baby horses have suddenly become, it was like being surrounded by full grown horses!
Solstice a four year old we sold is also about to be started, pics will appear on here of her progress.
Also about to be started is Isabella, being an orphan foal she isn't huge, but very elegant and so ready to do things, C will back her and then advertise her, she thinks she will be a super child's eventer.
Hope you enjoyed the pics and report, next report will likely be a BD, Choc went and did some classes last weekend bringing home a rosette from each one, I'll add the pics when I find them!
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Believe it or not there is a hidden ditch here, whoch is why he appears to be leaping in mid air...!
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Caroline and Chocx

I think he enjoys the bigger course much better, something to get his teeth into!
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Caroline and Chocolate West Wilts.

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Sunday, 14 June 2009


Izzie was our orphan foal, she's now 4 and about to be started then sold. She isn't very big (around 14.2 hh ) but should make a cracking event pony for someone.
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This is the cheap broodmare we bought

Annoyingly she hasn't come in season yet, so may end up being jabbed.
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I'll just have a little stretch before a drink...

As yet un-named possibly Humbug colt on day two.
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He's got a little hernia which will need operating on come the autumn, but already has a cresty neck and a good bum.
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