Saturday, 11 October 2008

Not out of the woods yet but she's home!

Jezz has at least made it back home. her white cell count is normal and now it's just hope that the infection doesn't return, she's on antibiotics for a while plus the vet is changing the dressing as you can see in the next pic, it's no easy task!
The bill from the clinic was £5200 odd , and there will also be the bill from our vets to pay.
We are looking at it as if we had to go out and buy a horse like her we would have paid that price, and trying not to think about the cost too much.
If she hadn't been such a special mare we would have said put her to sleep, but as it is, we knew she was very talented, sane and my husband loved riding her, so really it was no choice.
She will be box rested for a while, then walked out in hand, then padock rested, it's going to be at least three months before she can be ridden again i expect, and the prognosis is still up in the air, if the infection returns it will be bad news.
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