Wednesday, 23 July 2008


He's been on box rest with his dam on restricted food (old hay) as his ligaments were too tight. He is vastly improved so we thought he could have a little play, though not quite the mad whizz about we actually got. I think our vet will say he is ok to go out full time again.
This is the first time we've ever had a foal who didn't straighten up within a month of just leaving it alone, this one has had farrier trim him carefully and he will be kept trimmed every two weeks just to be sure.
I get a little cross when I read posts about how we shouldn't be breeding from ungraded stallions. This little chap's Dad has good competition bloodlines (his Grand dam completed Badminton twice and Burghley once) and his sire is busy proving himself eventing with dressage scores of 22.
The sire has also has passed vet inspection twice aged 17, so no hereditary nasties being passed on.
The dam is by a well known eventing sire and the grandsire is a Grade A and Advanced dressage stallion.
I'm going to carry on breeding horses like these and to hell with anyone else's opinions.
Take a look at the following pics of our horses and see if you think we're wasting our time; judging from all the satisfied owners I don't think so!
Galileo should end up absolutely straight, research shows it canbe due to a number of things from mineral deficiencies to food intake of the mare. She has access to ad lib food all year round and mineral blocks so not sure why this happened, but he is such a nice foal he is worth the effort to fix him.
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